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About Packdude

Packdude is nothing more than just a game. Just a regular game like all other games out there. In fact this is even a lame game, it is just a Pacman clone. But at the same time, it has something that gives it much more power than any Pacman clone has ever had. It is most powerful and sophisticated scripting language. ;) That gives this game a great flexibility and allows you to build extremely powerful and complicated adventures complete with different graphics, animations sounds and music. If you like you can build the game as just regular arcader or if you have more fantasy why not to back this thing up with interesting and exciting story.

Packdude is designed for people who want to create, but also for people who enjoy cool two/player activity on their linux box. If you think you belong to one of those two groups then I hope you enjoy my creation and if you find something missing or something annoying, let me know.



Official release of first version (1.0.03). Includes two official demo-maps and some other weird stuff. Documentation is really out of date, and the feature summary and technical specifications are not yet complete so the system is quite unstable. For version 1.1 I am not going to add any new features, but to stabilize existing ones. And after that I am going to write the whole scenario for the game. All help you can give is wanted.


Shot 1
Shot 2


To get Packdude go to the sourceforge page, and you can find the needed stuff there.


Packdude is a work of single person JP. (Anyone else who is willing to help is welcome ofcourse.) To get in touch with the initiator have a look to the sourceforge page.


Program itself is under GNU GPL, the Allegro and Python both have their own free (as in freedom) licenses, but FMOD is under evil proprietary license. That sucks. If anyone can find as fast and efficient high-level sound and module library in free software, please let me know. Logo